Letters with ACTIONS

I am a tactile learner and realized that my kiddos might be that way too! So when I was planning on teaching my kiddos letters/sounds, I created ACTIONS for each letter to help us remind our brains what SOUND that letter makes.

A – Take a big bite out of an Apple (REALLY making a BIG bite – mouth WIDE open!)

B – Bounce a BasketBall (I really emphasize the B sounds!! lol)

C – Hold up a camera and “Click” it!

D – Hold up your Dinosaur claws and Dig

E – I make my hand make an L, place it under my mouth so that the finger & thumb are pressing my face up into a smile and say /e/ (this one is more about how the face FEELS when it says the sound – this is a REALLY tricky sound for kiddos when they start to sound out words – so make sure they are concentrating on how their face FEELS when they make the sound!!!!)

F – Use your Face as a Fan and rotate

G – Put your hand on your throat… say the sound… /g/ – this sound always makes me Giggle when I FEEL it!

H – Pretend you just ate something super Hot!! Wave in front of your mouth while you say the sound!

I – Itch your Itchy nose! Really make it exaggerated when you scrunch up your nose to Itch It!!

J – Jump an invisible Jump rope!

K – (same as the C sound) Hold up a camera and “Click” it!

L – Hold a Lollipop and Lick it!

M – Pretend you just ate something so yuMMy – rub your tuMMy!!

N – Grit your teeth together – make a Nasty face and say /n/ (I always say, thats not a nasty face, show me a NASTY face… then I usually get the exaggerated /n/ face that you want!)

O – When you go to the doctor and they tell you to Open your mouth and say… /o/

P – Pop bubbles with your finger – *PoP*

Q – Put a crown on top of your head (use your hands to “make” a crown) as a Queen

R – Rev your motorcycle – hold onto the handlebars & Rotate them!

S – Slither your hand like it is a Snake

T – Tap a Tamborine on your hip

U – (This one is always a “fan favorite” lol) I usually ask… what sound do you make if someone hits you in the tUmmy…?? That’s our motion – PRETEND to hit yourself in the tUmmy – uhhhhh – lol!

V – Vroom around in your Van – hold onto the steering wheel and Vroom your Van!

W – Make a W with each hand (like the number 3) then we make the word WoW using our mouth – I show them that’s how we make the word WOW – I also show them we can say WOW MOM (by flipping our W upside down.. the kids get a KICK out of being able to spell that with their fingers/mouth!)

X – We cross our arms in front of ourselves making an X – and say /x/

Y – Play with a YoYo – making it go up and down

Z – Zip up your Zipper!

If you have any questions or suggests on other moves you use, leave a comment below!! Thanks!

Published by KinderKidatHeart

Hi! My name is Katie Friedl and I have taught Kindergarten in Chicago for 13 years. It is not always easy, but its worth it! I will be writing about by tips and tribulations about teaching K in Chicago. Stay tuned to be inspired (hopefully... crossing my fingers) and probably even get a little giggle... at my expense I'm sure!

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