Online “Incentives”

In my classroom I use ClassDojo as a point system for behavior BUT ALSO for academics!! Every time students turn in an assignment I also give away points. Students answer a question, they get a point! I tell them their points show us how hard they had been working for that day! Especially at theContinue reading “Online “Incentives””

Teaching Tech Tools to Kinders

Sooo I started teaching completely online last week and spent the majority of last week meeting with parents & doing an hour with my kiddos in the morning & then joining them for their hour with Specials Teachers (Computer, PE & Intervention). I used that 2nd hour to be more of an IT support forContinue reading “Teaching Tech Tools to Kinders”

Kindergarten “To Go” Kits

I really thought through what “E-Learning” would look like (or should look like) for this upcoming school year and I decided that the most age appropriate thing to do is really to use the Online-ness as a vessel to do my teaching from, but that the majority of the materials/activities we would do would beContinue reading “Kindergarten “To Go” Kits”

Keeping it FUN (at Home Learning)

Well, I know everyone thinks that they have the BEST best friend… but for real, I definitely do!! We met several years ago while going through the National Board process. If you’ve ever been through it, you know that there were a LOT of tears, a LOT of stress and a LOT of Growth! ItContinue reading “Keeping it FUN (at Home Learning)”

Student “Bitmojis”

I saw that some teachers were wondering if their students can do Bitmojis…. I thought about that, and I have Kindergarten, and I just can’t see my students being able to (or parents wanting them to) create their own Bitmojis BUT I thought of a SUPER CUTE way to still allow students to participate inContinue reading “Student “Bitmojis””

Making a Copy of a Google Doc/Slide

I’ve gotten some questions about How to Make a Copy of a Google Doc/Slide to insert within your Virtual Classroom or other ways you’d like to share/assign a Google Doc/Slide. So I’ve broken it down for you here. There are 3 ways that I am going to teach you, the PDF way and the PublishContinue reading “Making a Copy of a Google Doc/Slide”

Virtual Math Centers

I am beginning my thought process around HOW I am going to still do Math by Myself and even Math with Someone “centers” (I do Daily 5 & Math Daily 3 – but I add an additional choice for Math and take one away for Reading, so I actually do Daily 4 and Math DailyContinue reading “Virtual Math Centers”

Publishing Your Google Creations!!

If you are FINISHED creating your Google Creations (Virtual Classroom, Class App, etc) and you are ready to PUBLISH them, this post is for you!!! The FINAL and MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is to SHARE your finished Google Creation so that your students can use it!! There are a few ways to do this.Continue reading “Publishing Your Google Creations!!”