Online “Incentives”

In my classroom I use ClassDojo as a point system for behavior BUT ALSO for academics!! Every time students turn in an assignment I also give away points. Students answer a question, they get a point! I tell them their points show us how hard they had been working for that day! Especially at theContinue reading “Online “Incentives””

Teaching Tech Tools to Kinders

Sooo I started teaching completely online last week and spent the majority of last week meeting with parents & doing an hour with my kiddos in the morning & then joining them for their hour with Specials Teachers (Computer, PE & Intervention). I used that 2nd hour to be more of an IT support forContinue reading “Teaching Tech Tools to Kinders”

Kindergarten “To Go” Kits

I really thought through what “E-Learning” would look like (or should look like) for this upcoming school year and I decided that the most age appropriate thing to do is really to use the Online-ness as a vessel to do my teaching from, but that the majority of the materials/activities we would do would beContinue reading “Kindergarten “To Go” Kits”

Keeping it FUN (at Home Learning)

Well, I know everyone thinks that they have the BEST best friend… but for real, I definitely do!! We met several years ago while going through the National Board process. If you’ve ever been through it, you know that there were a LOT of tears, a LOT of stress and a LOT of Growth! ItContinue reading “Keeping it FUN (at Home Learning)”

Student “Bitmojis”

I saw that some teachers were wondering if their students can do Bitmojis…. I thought about that, and I have Kindergarten, and I just can’t see my students being able to (or parents wanting them to) create their own Bitmojis BUT I thought of a SUPER CUTE way to still allow students to participate inContinue reading “Student “Bitmojis””

Making a Copy of a Google Doc/Slide

I’ve gotten some questions about How to Make a Copy of a Google Doc/Slide to insert within your Virtual Classroom or other ways you’d like to share/assign a Google Doc/Slide. So I’ve broken it down for you here. There are 3 ways that I am going to teach you, the PDF way and the PublishContinue reading “Making a Copy of a Google Doc/Slide”

Virtual Math Centers

I am beginning my thought process around HOW I am going to still do Math by Myself and even Math with Someone “centers” (I do Daily 5 & Math Daily 3 – but I add an additional choice for Math and take one away for Reading, so I actually do Daily 4 and Math DailyContinue reading “Virtual Math Centers”