Curriculum Planning & E-Learning Schedule

The end of the school year we transition to E-Learning. I created a schedule that worked for my little ones and I thought I would share it, just incase teachers and/or parents needed an idea of what their E-Learning/At Home Learning could look like. While this school year I am unsure what “school” will lookContinue reading “Curriculum Planning & E-Learning Schedule”

Daily 5: Why & My Schedule

Welcome back! Today I’ll begin explaining Daily 5 within my classroom setting. If you haven’t read Daily 5 by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser, I’m begging you, PLEASE go read it!! It was by far my BIGGEST transformation of my classroom in my 12 years of teaching! Ok… first there are TONS of things thatContinue reading “Daily 5: Why & My Schedule”