Curriculum Planning & E-Learning Schedule

The end of the school year we transition to E-Learning. I created a schedule that worked for my little ones and I thought I would share it, just incase teachers and/or parents needed an idea of what their E-Learning/At Home Learning could look like.

While this school year I am unsure what “school” will look like for me and my students, this gives you some ideas on what your schedule could look like. I really liked giving my families options of Online and Off Line ideas on what to do for each portion of the day.

Here is the link to my Free Math Choice Board that I shared with families.

For Assignments, I use EngageNY for both my Math and ELA – Skills Strand. I will be honest, I do not use EngageNY for ELA until December/January and I start with their Unit 6. I also use this for guidance NOT verbatim. I like the way EngageNY introduces some things, so I pick and choose.

My curriculum for ELA usually breaks down to be something like this: (and remember… its all based on the students that sit in front of me, so each year is a little different)

When it comes to our Math curriculum, my school uses Go Math. The Go Math Kindergarten curriculum is only 106 days. So I supplement with EngageNY’s Module 4: Number Pairs, Addition & Subtraction to 10. I also use some materials from their shapes, measurement, and Numbers 10-20. I believe that do a better in depth learning experiences with these topics.

My Math Curriculum usually looks something like:

Just so you have some idea on the pacing for my classroom. The EngageNY curriculum is free and available for any and all teachers (and parents) to download and use. I will say that it is a LOT of printing. So I would NOT go and print out the whole thing. I am VERY picky with what things I do use from them and have found some GREAT resources on TPT that have re-created some of the pages to be more Kindergarten friendly (specifically for Math) – the pack is by: Second Chance. And again, she even makes a LOT of pages (multiple options for each lesson to choose from), so be careful with which pages your print!

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or any ideas to share, please leave a comment!

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