Publishing Your Google Creations!!

If you are FINISHED creating your Google Creations (Virtual Classroom, Class App, etc) and you are ready to PUBLISH them, this post is for you!!! The FINAL and MOST IMPORTANT thing to do is to SHARE your finished Google Creation so that your students can use it!! There are a few ways to do this.Continue reading “Publishing Your Google Creations!!”

Creating a Class App

Every school year I usually create a Flip Book that has information that parents will NEED. It is easily organized, parents can just flip to the page that they are looking for. This year is OBVIOUSLY different. So being all virtual for the first couple months made me realize that my flip book just wasn’tContinue reading “Creating a Class App”

Making a Bitmoji Virtual Classroom

So many of the teachers around the country are not returning to in-person instruction and instead are doing their teaching virtually. At the end of the 2019-20 school year I discovered Virtual Classrooms and it was a GAME changer!! So I am going to go step by step on how to create your own classroom,Continue reading “Making a Bitmoji Virtual Classroom”