ABC Craft Hats

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE easy ways to make home connections! These ABC Craft hats are a FUN and unique way to do that! If you’d like to check out my craft hats, click here. These hats do MORE than just make home-connections. This simple activity creates classroom community, school community/cross gradeContinue reading “ABC Craft Hats”

Alphabet Assessment

In Kindergarten (really in ALL grades) there are students alllllll over the spectrum when it comes to knowledge when they walk into your classroom. So one way that I help figure out how to differentiate for my students is with a quick Alphabet & Sound Assessment. Now you might be thinking… well yea, I doContinue reading “Alphabet Assessment”

Learning About Colors: Hats

A fun and exciting way to learn about Colors is through decorating your own hat! It’s something you can wear with pride after learning all about that specific color. I love using hats as a Home Connection piece! Think about it… can a parent really miss the colorfully decorated hat on top of their child’sContinue reading “Learning About Colors: Hats”