Teaching Colors – ELA Plans

Sooo…. you’re thinking about your teaching schedule and wondering how you are going to fit everything in… AND make everyone feel successful?! No problem, I’ll share with you what my typical day looks like the first 2 weeks of school (minus the 1st day, we always just do 1st day things… I’ll touch on thatContinue reading “Teaching Colors – ELA Plans”

Beginning Writing in K

Soooo…. I would say the HARDEST thing to do is to get kids to write! They are interested in books with all the cool pictures, they will flip through them pretty easily, but as soon as you say we are going to write, many of the students instantly say, “I can’t do that!” Well… IContinue reading “Beginning Writing in K”

Learning About Colors: Hats

A fun and exciting way to learn about Colors is through decorating your own hat! It’s something you can wear with pride after learning all about that specific color. I love using hats as a Home Connection piece! Think about it… can a parent really miss the colorfully decorated hat on top of their child’sContinue reading “Learning About Colors: Hats”