Creating a Promo/Back to School Video

This is SUPER easy with iMovie!! If you have a Mac (or iPad) you can use iMovie for free to create a SUPER easy Promo video (or Back to School Video) to get kids PUMPED to “return” to school! First open iMovie on your device. It is going to prompt you to select the +Continue reading “Creating a Promo/Back to School Video”

Google Classroom Banner

For those of us teaching online using Google Classroom, there is a fun way to personalize your Google Classroom Banner! You can add just a photo of your classroom, of your students (I did this at the end of last school year, so the kids still had a chance to “see” all their friends, evenContinue reading “Google Classroom Banner”

Mini Ms. Friedl Letters

I did a GREAT home-school connection at the end of last school year. Because of the pandemic, my students and I changed to virtual learning for the remainder of the school year. In order to keep student engaged with our classroom and have some fun and memorable experiences with their teacher, I sent every studentContinue reading “Mini Ms. Friedl Letters”

Word Wall

Heyyyyyyy!! SOOooo let’s talk Word Walls!!! There has been a lot of buzz around Sound Walls recently… while I’m not exactly sure I understand what that is (I think its just putting cards up that have the letter/sound and then a picture that has the sound to help cue) I have found (especially for KinderContinue reading “Word Wall”

ABC Craft Hats

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE easy ways to make home connections! These ABC Craft hats are a FUN and unique way to do that! If you’d like to check out my craft hats, click here. These hats do MORE than just make home-connections. This simple activity creates classroom community, school community/cross gradeContinue reading “ABC Craft Hats”

Curriculum Planning & E-Learning Schedule

The end of the school year we transition to E-Learning. I created a schedule that worked for my little ones and I thought I would share it, just incase teachers and/or parents needed an idea of what their E-Learning/At Home Learning could look like. While this school year I am unsure what “school” will lookContinue reading “Curriculum Planning & E-Learning Schedule”

Alphabet Assessment

In Kindergarten (really in ALL grades) there are students alllllll over the spectrum when it comes to knowledge when they walk into your classroom. So one way that I help figure out how to differentiate for my students is with a quick Alphabet & Sound Assessment. Now you might be thinking… well yea, I doContinue reading “Alphabet Assessment”

Teaching Letters & Sounds

A GREAT way to get students to practice beginning reading skills AND their letters/sounds is with my ABC Easy Readers! You can find all 26 of them here. Each reader has a Cover Page for students to also take ownership over the book by writing their names next to the word: by. This is alsoContinue reading “Teaching Letters & Sounds”

Directed Drawing: Colors

I am creating a quick video with each directed drawing I do for Colors! You will be able to find these videos here. I do a quick job teaching the shapes, or lines on how to easily draw the color item. Feel free to re-watch or pause the videos as much as you’d like. WhenContinue reading “Directed Drawing: Colors”

Create a Learning Spot

This one is for parents who are going to be home school their children. I can not stress enough how important it is going to be, you will need a routine (a schedule of sorts) and a LEARNING SPOT. I suggest you find a spot that is not just the kitchen table. Somewhere you canContinue reading “Create a Learning Spot”